Predicting Baby’s Sex

When you discover that you’re pregnant, there are a wave of emotions and so many questions – Will they look more like mum or dad? Will they like the same music or sports? Who will this person grow up to be? And while it doesn’t matter as much as the big questions, we still find ourselves asking, is it a he or a she?

gender reveal party sign on chalkboard
Image by Frederick Medina

You don’t have to be very far along before strangers will start commenting on (but hopefully not touching!) your bump and predicting baby’s sex from the way you carry or how radiant your face beams!

Comments might be like “you’re carrying high–must be a girl!” or “you’re all out front–must be a boy!” … but what if you’re carrying high AND front? Then what?

hands in heart held over pregnant belly
Picture by Juan Encalada

Waiting for the gender reveal can be torture, so just for a bit of fun, we’ve compiled 10 of our Favourite Old Wives Tales to determine baby’s sex!

1. Watermelon or Basketball

Apparently if you’re belly is a nice round basketball, then it’s a boy. Looking more like you swallowed a watermelon? Then it could be a girl.

2. High or Low

While we’re on the topic of the bump – carrying high is said to mean you’re having a girl, while nice and low could be a boy.

pregnant belly bump in white dress
Pic by Andrew Seaman

3. Cravings

I heard this one all through my first pregnancy, while satisfying my overwhelming urge for salty crisps! If your cravings are for salty or savoury delights, then it could be a ‘he’, but if your tastebuds are after something a bit more sweet or juicy, a little ‘she’. (although it turns out my little lady just so happened to love the savouries too!)

pregnant woman eating snacks

4. The Ring Test

This is one of my favourites! Using a sentimental ring, like your engagement ring or one you/your partner wears often, you thread a string or strand of hair through it and let it hang above the pregnant bump. This old wives tale test is said to predict all your children, so take note of the movement of the ring from the beginning. If it sways side-to-side like a pendulum, this is supposed to suggest a boy, while circling is a girl. Remember that if it starts by circling, then moves on to a swing, this could mean your first is a girl and the second a boy!

5. Mother Knows Best

I can honestly say that perhaps my mother’s intuition isn’t as strong as it should be, because my guess has been wrong each time! But according to the wives tales, a mother’s intuition is stronger than a test and she’ll be able to predict the baby’s sex better than anyone.

6. Girls Steal Your Looks

Feeling less than radiant during your pregnancy? Hair going a little limp or dry? The old rumour has it, it’s because the baby girl is stealing your looks!

7. Sympathy Weight

Is the baby’s other parent also gaining a little bit extra around the middle? This is said to be because the baby is a boy!

8. Chinese Gender Chart

Now onto a few old wives tales that have a little bit of ‘science’ behind them. The first is determining your lunar age and month of conception to figure out the baby’s sex. Head on over to this Chinese Gender Chart for your prediction

9. The Baby’s Heartbeat

If you have the heartrate results from one of your scans, apparently you can use that to predict a future of bows or bow-ties! This Heartbeat Predictor can help with the figures

10. Your Linea Nigra

The linea nigra is a brownish line (darker than your usual skin tone) that can appear on a pregnant belly, that runs right down the middle of the belly, to the pubic area. According to the old wives, if this line runs from the pubic area to above your belly button, it’s a boy! But if you don’t get a line or if it stops below your belly button, then it could be a girl!

So how did you go? Did any of these old wives tales ring true for your bub? Let us know over on our Instagram or Facebook!

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Baby Shower Games We Love

A cake topper from a baby shower that reads "oh baby"

We love Baby Shower games! Not only are they fun and drill up that little competitiveness, but it’s also a great way to get your guests interacting and socializing with people they may not know. Some games can even see your Mother’s working together as a team! So, here’s a list of our top 12 favourite Baby Shower games to play at your next shower… we’ve even found some free printables from Bub Hub for your party supplies!

1. The String Game

This one’s a classic! Each guest takes a length from a ball of string that they think represents the size of the Mama to Be’s baby bump! Mama’s pregnant belly is then measured and the person with a length of string closest to the correct size wins!

the string game

2. Baby Bingo!

Baby Bingo is one of my personal favourites, so it takes a few eyes off me while opening gifts! As gifts are being opened, guests will need to check off the items on their bingo card. When they have a row, they shout ‘Bingo!’ and win! Click the link below to print out your free Baby Bingo cards!

baby shower bingo

CLICK HERE for your Baby Bingo Printables

3. Jelly Baby Birth

Freeze some Jelly Babies in ice-cubes or shot-glasses and guests need to try and melt their Jelly Babies free, or “give birth” the fastest. Alternatively, one jelly baby can be frozen into water on display and guests have to try and guess what time the baby will be “born” (It’s a good idea to ensure that this one is in the sun or that the ice is thin enough to melt during the Baby Shower.

ice ice baby

4. Guess the Baby Food

Baby food comes in some really delicious and also weird tasting combinations. Having guests try to guess the flavours of the foods by either blind-folding them, or un-labelling the foods is always great for laughs and testing baby food palettes!

baby food

5. Don’t Cross Your Legs

It used to be said that pregnant mothers should not cross their legs. We know these days that if it’s comfortable to do so and circulation to your legs isn’t compromised, then cross away…. But not in this game! As guests arrive, they have a peg or card and if a guest is seen crossing their legs they must forfeit their peg/card to the person who caught them. The winner is the person with the most pegs/cards by the end of the day.

crossed legs

6. Don’t Say Baby

Much like “Don’t Cross Your Legs” guests have to try not to use the word “Baby” during the whole Baby Shower! If caught, they have to give up their peg and the winner is the person with the most pegs by the end of the day.

7. Nappy Change

Each guest has a doll or bear and has to put a nappy on it the fastest! For an extra challenge, old-fashioned towel nappies with pins can be used (just check that someone present knows how to fold them!)

8. Baby Animals

We know that cats have kittens and that horses have foals… but did you know that platypus have puggles? Guests have to try to match the animal to their babies. Click below to download the baby animal game for free!

Click here to download baby animals game printables from BubHub

9. Baby Celebrities

Much like baby animals, but with famous babies! The host can read out baby names and guests have to note down who they think the famous parent/s might be! To make things easy, we’ve done the celebrity spotting work already and you can download this baby shower game below!

Click here for Free printables Baby Celebrities Game

10. Dirty Nappy Game

I’m sure most people have heard of this one and it’s not one of my personal favourites, but an absolute ‘must do’ according to some of our team members. This game sees guests trying to guess a food or chocolate bar that has been melted and squished in a nappy. Guests can use their vision, smell or maybe even a sneaky taste to try and guess the confectionery. It makes for some truly embarrassing pics, so have that camera ready!

Game available from EBTreasured Moments on Etsy

11. Spit the Dummy

These next activities are some physically challenging ones but won’t be won by the guest who gyms the most. Spit the Dummy is a game where guests are each given a dummy and have to try to spit it the furthest! Hopefully there won’t be too many tears and tantrums with this game!

12. Drink Up

A game of speed agility… or maybe not so much. Guests need to see who can drink their drink the fastest from a baby’s bottle. We’ve seen this one played at mix-gendered baby showers where the guys are enjoying a few drinks. An especially good one to play before getting some not-so-sober guests to try and put nappies on the fastest!

Image from Pregnant Chicken

Did your favourite baby shower games make the list? Let us know what you think and share your favourites with us on Facebook or Instagram.