Morning Sickness Sucks

morning sickness sucks

Morning sickness – also known as “all the time sickness” (urgh!) is the delightful time typically between 4-16 weeks of pregnancy where everything sucks. No one is quite sure what causes the symptoms, including nausea and vomiting, but it’s thought perhaps linked to the changes in certain hormone levels. If you consult the old wives, you’ll find that it’s believed “Morning sickness means a higher chance of having a girl” or if you’re particularly reflux-y, it means your baby is hairy. There is plenty for us still to learn about morning sickness, but first thing is first: we need Morning Sickness Remedies!

So we’ve sieved through all the wives tales and asked all the Mamas we know for their advice and tips on what works to remedy morning sickness. Here’s what we know…


Every Mama we know that has fought morning sickness absolutely swears by anything and everything ginger! This little super herb has been proven to aid with all the tummy upsets including motion sickness and recovering from food poisoning. Ginger may help by maintaining blood pressure and keeping digestion stable. Try ginger ale, ginger lollies or Franjo’s kitchen ginger and apricot bikkies!

Keeping something in your tummy

Smaller snacks have been a big hit with our Mamas and plain foods too – little bits of toast, biscuits or sucking on hard-boiled candy. Keeping servings small and eating frequently can help with the nausea, but also having something light in your stomach will be gentler if you are sick.

  morning sickness remedy ideas

Vitamins and when to take them

Vitamin B6 is said to help reduce nausea and vomiting and we’re not entirely sure why! It seems really weird, because B12 can make some ladies feel sick when not taken with food. Either way – if it’s a morning sickness remedy we’ll take it! Also – taking your prenatal vitamins, or B6, with a meal or snacks is always a good idea to keep that tummy settled.


Tea… one of the greatest inventions ever, especially if we can’t be having caffeine addictions anymore. Some of the ingredients in tea are also nausea-fighters on their own, like zesty lemon or ginger. Hint- try Morning Wellness from Mama Body Tea! Make sure you check the ingredients in your herbal tea though ladies, because some ingredients that are great for the Third trimester are dangerous in the First and vice versa. We’ve written a little handy guide here, but if you’re ever unsure, ask your doctor or just avoid!

  pregnant woman drinking tea

Protein and Iron-rich foods before bed

These are slow release energy foods that can keep your blood sugar maintained through the night and for some ladies, stave off the sickness first thing in the morning. Foods such as leafy greens, eggs and sardines (also great for good fatty oils!) can also help reduce the symptoms.


This is one we thought was for the old wives’ tales. It’s Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast and Tea!  But looking back over the advice we’ve seen so far, these actually fit nicely into the foods to consider, to help those sickness symptoms. Maybe my Nanna was onto something…

Nothing working?

Sometimes morning sickness can be a sign of something else going on. Don’t take chances! If you think your morning sickness is worse than it should be, if it’s causing weight-loss or you’re not functioning well at all, Go see your doctor! You may find a medication that works to relieve your symptoms without being a risk to yourself or bub.

Have you been through it all with morning sickness? Head to our Facebook or Instagram and let us know what Morning Sickness Remedies worked for you!

Hospital Bag Essentials

packing a hospital bag

New Mum Advice: Hospital Bag Essentials

The lead up to the arrival of your newest addition to the family is an amazing journey full of excitement, fear, celebrations and probably more than a few emotional moments. But you’ve done it! You’ve reached the third trimester! While the nursery is probably all decorated and packed and the car seat is installed and ready to go, you maybe haven’t thought about what you’ll need on hand when baby’s birthing day finally arrives. Never fear Mama, we’ve made this list of Hospital Bag Essentials to make it all a little easier for you!

  what to pack in a hospital bag

When should I pack my hospital bag?

You want your hospital bag ready to go when your baby is! Keeping an eye on your expectant due date and remember to note if there are any chances that bub might come early. This could be the case for twins, for example. Your OBGYN will certainly let you know all of this and much more detailed for your own pregnancy. Many suggest generally that it’s good to have your bag packed from around week 36, just to be safe.

What to pack…

Your Hospital Bag Essentials list should definitely include:

  1. Cozy, non-slip socks or slippers. Believe me, you don’t want to traverse a hospital barefoot, but you’ll certainly want to keep your toes comfy while you’re walking around the hospital before and after labour
  2. The usual purse suspects: Photo ID, health care and insurance information
  3. Your mobile phone… and your charger!
  4. Comfortable attire – lose-fitting shirts, robes, jumpers and underwear
  5. Maternity bras and nursing pads. Even if you are not planning on breastfeeding, you will definitely appreciate having a little leak protection. Check out our bamboo nursing pads HERE
  6. Non-perishable snacks and change/eftpos card for the vending machine.
  7. Lip balm! You’ll be surprised how dry your mouth gets during labour. Also packing some sugar-free lollies could help too (definitely not sugar lollies though, as they will dehydrate)
  8. Your toothbrush, paste, hair brush, facewash, shampoo and conditioner, and moisturiser
  9. Prescription medication, glasses/contacts if you where them.
  10. Leaving the hospital attire: Matching outfits for mum and bub are total Instagram goals… but there’s a pretty big chance that’ll be lower on your priority list by now! It’s recommended you pack comfortable six-month maternity wear and a blanket and beanie for bub

  dad to be hospital bag

What should my partner pack?

The partner has an important supporting role during this process and delegating some of those hospital bag essential to hubby will certainly help. He should remember:

  1. A shirt that he doesn’t mind losing. He’ll want to hold bub and also enjoy skin to skin interactions, but if you’re having your partner present at the birth, there’s a good chance he’ll be in a shirt that gets damaged or soiled (not to mention that you may be pulling on it a tad during labour). This is the number one item we hear from new Dads that they wish they knew they needed sooner!
  2. His belongings – changes of clothes, toiletries, phone and charger (a battery charger for your phone too), a camera, snacks!
  3. Something to keep you both distracted or entertained during down times – perhaps a book, puzzle, podcast or something to watch
  4. The car seat! To take baby home, you’ll need to ensure you have a ride home with a suitable, safe and correctly installed car seat for your newest addition

If you have any essentials you think we’ve missed let us know on our Facebook or Instagram page!

  third trimester preparing for birth

Good luck Mama!