Morning Sickness Sucks

morning sickness sucks

Morning sickness – also known as “all the time sickness” (urgh!) is the delightful time typically between 4-16 weeks of pregnancy where everything sucks. No one is quite sure what causes the symptoms, including nausea and vomiting, but it’s thought perhaps linked to the changes in certain hormone levels. If you consult the old wives, you’ll find that it’s believed “Morning sickness means a higher chance of having a girl” or if you’re particularly reflux-y, it means your baby is hairy. There is plenty for us still to learn about morning sickness, but first thing is first: we need Morning Sickness Remedies!

So we’ve sieved through all the wives tales and asked all the Mamas we know for their advice and tips on what works to remedy morning sickness. Here’s what we know…


Every Mama we know that has fought morning sickness absolutely swears by anything and everything ginger! This little super herb has been proven to aid with all the tummy upsets including motion sickness and recovering from food poisoning. Ginger may help by maintaining blood pressure and keeping digestion stable. Try ginger ale, ginger lollies or Franjo’s kitchen ginger and apricot bikkies!

Keeping something in your tummy

Smaller snacks have been a big hit with our Mamas and plain foods too – little bits of toast, biscuits or sucking on hard-boiled candy. Keeping servings small and eating frequently can help with the nausea, but also having something light in your stomach will be gentler if you are sick.

  morning sickness remedy ideas

Vitamins and when to take them

Vitamin B6 is said to help reduce nausea and vomiting and we’re not entirely sure why! It seems really weird, because B12 can make some ladies feel sick when not taken with food. Either way – if it’s a morning sickness remedy we’ll take it! Also – taking your prenatal vitamins, or B6, with a meal or snacks is always a good idea to keep that tummy settled.


Tea… one of the greatest inventions ever, especially if we can’t be having caffeine addictions anymore. Some of the ingredients in tea are also nausea-fighters on their own, like zesty lemon or ginger. Hint- try Morning Wellness from Mama Body Tea! Make sure you check the ingredients in your herbal tea though ladies, because some ingredients that are great for the Third trimester are dangerous in the First and vice versa. We’ve written a little handy guide here, but if you’re ever unsure, ask your doctor or just avoid!

  pregnant woman drinking tea

Protein and Iron-rich foods before bed

These are slow release energy foods that can keep your blood sugar maintained through the night and for some ladies, stave off the sickness first thing in the morning. Foods such as leafy greens, eggs and sardines (also great for good fatty oils!) can also help reduce the symptoms.


This is one we thought was for the old wives’ tales. It’s Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast and Tea!  But looking back over the advice we’ve seen so far, these actually fit nicely into the foods to consider, to help those sickness symptoms. Maybe my Nanna was onto something…

Nothing working?

Sometimes morning sickness can be a sign of something else going on. Don’t take chances! If you think your morning sickness is worse than it should be, if it’s causing weight-loss or you’re not functioning well at all, Go see your doctor! You may find a medication that works to relieve your symptoms without being a risk to yourself or bub.

Have you been through it all with morning sickness? Head to our Facebook or Instagram and let us know what Morning Sickness Remedies worked for you!

Tea Drinking While Pregnant

cup of tea held in womans hands

There’s a lot of delicious no-go’s when you’re pregnant – soft cheese, sushi and your favourite cocktails. It’s okay Mama, it’s just for a little while! But our favourite calming ritual and soothing drink can be sipped all through pregnancy and breastfeeding – tea! There are some guidelines we need to remember though to protect Mum and Bub, so we’ve gathered a few tips for Tea Drinking While Pregnant.

  pregnant woman drinking tea

Cup of Goodness

We all know tea is good for you, but why? Tea contains polyphenols and antioxidants which protect your heart and lower cancer risks. Other nutrients in tea can act to lower blood pressure, boost circulation and help out your immune system! During pregnancy, sipping on your favourite cuppa can ease morning sickness and even help with a shorter labour! When you just can’t drink anymore water, herbal tea can be comforting substitute to keeping you hydrated, while also upping some much needed pregnancy nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

hands picking tea leaves heart

Teas to Avoid

Not all teas are created equal – so we wanted to start off with the teas to keep an eye out for and avoid! While we can often be upset by weight gain during pregnancy, it is usually not a good idea to go near any “cleansing” or “detox” teas. These usually have a laxative action or promote increased urination – which can leave Mama dehydrated and lacking in the minerals and ions that both mum and bub require. Also be mindful to avoid teas containing St John’s Wort, Don Quai, Ginseng, Yarrow, Ephedra, Liquorice Root or Pennyroyal, which has been known to cause miscarriages. If you’re ever unsure about a tea ingredient, check in with your doctor or just be on the safe side and avoid altogether..

Overindulging in herbal teas can also work negatively with your pregnant body. Some studies suggest that more than 3 cups of tea a day can reduce the body’s ability to absorb folic acid and iron.

woman with tea cup

Teas for Early Pregnancy

Caffeine is one of those no-go’s while pregnant, because of it’s stimulating nature, which will increase blood pressure, heart rate and will act to dehydrate your body. So keep an eye out for herbal teas that are caffeine-free, like roiboos, peppermint and chamomile. Lemon and ginger teas can ease a tummy upset by morning sickness, ingredients found in Morning Wellness. Lemon Myrtle in tea can also help normalise female hormones and helps as a sinus decongestant for when colds strike during pregnancy.

  lemon tea with ginger and honey

Teas for Third Trimester

Teas including ingredients such as Red raspberry leaf or Nettle leaf should definitely be avoided in the early stages of pregnancy, as they have an effect on uterine muscle tone. This is actually beneficial though when taken later in the pregnancy, some suggesting from 32 weeks. These properties will work to promote effective contractions and assist during labour. It’s important to remember to keep your stress down, which can be easier said than done as you start approaching that due date! So teas with calming properties such as oatstraw, rosehip and chamomile are good to remember too. Luckily, Mama Body has us covered with Pregnancy– perfect for tea drinking while pregnant in the second and third trimester.

  pregnant woman drinking tea

Teas for Breastfeeding

We all know that what we eat can still affect bub through our breast milk. Caution still needs to be taken when assessing your tea selections. You can take small amounts of caffeine now (welcome back coffee!). However, its recommended to do so after breastfeeding or expressing. This way, the caffeine won’t still be circulating and entering breast milk by bubs next feed.

Teas that can increase milk supply and are safe during feeding include: fenugreek, fennel, raspberry leaf and Goat’s rue. Alfalfa is also good and some midwives report this can reduce postpartum bleeding.

Mamas Milk is a tea we stock from Mama Body Tea that is safe during breastfeeding and also nourishing to Mum.

  woman enjoying cup of tea

Have you tried our range of delicious Mama Body Tea blends? Or do you have any amazing Pregnancy and Breastfeeding safe tea recipes to share? Head to our Facebook or Instagram pages, we’d love to hear about your tea drinking while pregnant!


Awesome Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Tiles from boardgame, Scrabble, reading out "We are having a baby" as a baby announcement idea

Congratulations! You’ve just found out you’re pregnant!

Now the fun begins… telling everyone. It’s the first of many “reveals” that you get to do as parents – there’s the pregnancy announcement, gender reveals, birth announcement and name reveals! So let’s start this thing right. If you’re looking for a awesome pregnancy announcement ideas, but don’t feel like scrolling through hours of Instagram or Pintrest posts – then never fear! We have done most of the leg work for you, Mama. Presenting our favourite awesome pregnancy announcement ideas as chosen by The Bump Box Co. team:

Telling the family

Telling your family can be the most nerve wracking, especially if yours is the first bub of the next generation. We’ve collected these fun ideas to surprise the family.

Siblings Announcement

They’ve ruled the roost for a while now, but it’s time to welcome an addition to the children tribe! These pregnancy announcements made by the siblings are just too sweet!

Getting the Pets Involved

Many couples are first parents to their cuddly canines and kittens, so when it comes time to welcome a two-legged addition to the family, it makes sense to have your furred and feathered friends help with the announcement!

A New Team Player

A fan of gaming or sports? You’ve got a new fan or team mate on the way and can use your love of the game in your announcements!

Cute Signs

Looking for a simple and easy way to create Instagram-worthy posts to announce your pregnancy? A creative little sign board will do the trick! These are our fave:

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

We love the holiday seasons! Why not use some of the decorative, festive and holiday cheer in your announcements!

Tiny Human Objects

And of course there’s the classic – using tiny human objects to announce your pregnancy! We love this adorable idea!

And of course, you could use our Mum to Be and Dad to Be boxes to announce the big news too – or even create your own custom box to propose to your God Parents or present to soon to be Aunts and Uncles!