Commitment to Sustainability

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Made with love in every way

Here at The Bridal Box Co. we love love! This is not just the love between an adorable couple getting hitched but also the love you share with your tribe, with your family and even with your favourite pets. We’re lucky enough to be located in (what we think) one of the most beautiful parts of Australia and we absolutely love it too! And we want to keep this gorgeous country of ours beautiful for many years to come. This is why we have a commitment to sustainability.

Sunrise over O'Reilly's rainforest
Sunrise over O’Reilly’s rainforest Image by Caleb Russell

We keep our company as environmentally friendly as possible in a number of ways:

  • Sourcing our timber from a plantation dedicated to sustainable forest management
  • Through choosing our packaging materials carefully, so they can be reused or recycled
  • We don’t print any unnecessary invoices. You receive all your order information digitally, so there’s no need to use any more paper
  • We choose suppliers that create products that are handmade, Australian-based or committed to sustainable practises, so that our carbon footprint is minimised from every angle


The Blue Mountains sweeping landscape
Blue Mountains. Photo by Jacques Bopp

But we wanted to do more!

We love the work that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) do for environmental and wildlife conservation here in Australia. They have a number of projects from Australian Bushfire recovery and restoration; combatting climate change; education for sustainable food consumption; saving our Oceans and our favourite, the Two Billion Trees project.

Every year in Australia, there is an estimated 500,000 hectares of native forests and woodlands bulldozed. These lands are home to many of our beautiful native animals and also provide the oxygen we breathe, the water we drink and rain for our crops. So WWF-Australia have a plan to stop the excessive tree-clearing, protect the existing forests and restore native habitat that’s been lost.

the daintree rainforest meeting the ocean
Daintree Rainforest. Image by Manny Moreno


So as a part of our commitment to sustainability, we’re donating $1 from every keepsake box sold to WWF Australia, to support the amazing work that they do in keeping Australia’s natural environment safe and lush.

Check out more of the incredible work WWF do HERE

koala hanging in a tree
Koala. Image by David Clode



Choosing Baby Names

Colourful strips of paper with names writen on them

How to Choose a Baby Name

It is so absolutely true: you don’t realise how many people or names you dislike until you try to name a baby! Choosing baby names is a mammoth task with a lot of pressure, your little one is going to have this name for the rest of their lives! The decision process can start arguments and is always a magnet for those opinions you did not ask for from family and friends. To help with the task, we have come up with a few pointers on how to choose a baby name!

laptop notebook, pen and cup of tea ready for work
Start with the ABC’s

Start with the basics – the first initial! Making your way through the alphabet, eliminate letters that you definitely don’t want to use. Perhaps you have other family members with those initials, or when paired with your surname, makes an undesirable word (eg. S. Pitts).

woman's torso at table with pencils and paper apparently thinking

With the remaining letters and a good list of baby names handy (from either books or baby name blogs), start making your way through the names and divide them into categories. Discard the ones you definitely don’t want your baby to have and keep names you like and names you think will make good middle names.
Then return to your list and remember to think about things like:

  •  How does it sound out loud?
  •  Your child’s initials don’t spell out anything awful?
  •  Think about the shortened version of the name (it’s inevitable!) Do you like the sound of the name shortened and does it work with the middle and surname?
  •  If you have had scans indicating that you’re having a boy or girl, be sure you’re choosing baby names from the opposite gender too. Scans can sometimes be wrong.
  •  If you’d like a name that’s not too common, check out the top baby names for the current year! There are plenty of websites with name statistics, so your child won’t be one of several “Willows” in class. Likewise if you don’t want something super uncommon.
  •  If you have names you like and would not like them shut-down by friends or family… don’t tell them!
  •  Find a discussion board if you’d like to discuss baby names with someone other than your family!

two babies playing on a tablet computer

Review the shortlist

Phew – that took some effort! But now you have a shorter list to chose from. Start from the top and see if you’ve changed your mind on any of the names selected

Make some space!

Give yourself a break from baby names! The pressure can drive you crazy. You have time. Take a breath and a few days to recover.

neon sign reads 'and breathe' in amongst greeney


Start back at the shortlist and make your way through again with a fresh set of eyes. Narrow it down further… then take a break again.

Now you should be down to a handful of names that you like for your soon to be newest family member! Many say that they had to see their little one’s face before settling on a name, so it may help to have a few backups just in case.

Then you’re almost ready to order your Welcome to the World personalized keepsake box with your baby’s name. A treasure chest ready to fill with all the tiny memories. Check them out here!

welcome to the world hamper

Relieving New Parent Aches

Woman receiving treatment from physiotherapist for her aching back

When my first baby was born, I was warned and prepared for the sleepless nights, the endless nappy changes and the dire need for quick and easy meals. The one thing I was not ready for, was the aches and pains that came with being a new parent. Not the soreness from birth, but the back, neck and shoulder pain from the awkward positions of nursing, rocking and lifting bub in and out of her crib.

Long hours are spent in positions that often put strain on a new parents back, neck and shoulders and the repetitive stress can lead to long-term injury and slow rehabilitation if not looked after nice and early. So we’ve found five small ways to relieve that tension and those new parent aches!

1. Reminders to stretch

There are a few great stretches that can really help the neck, shoulders and back, but the hardest part sometimes is remembering to do them! So set your phone alarm every few hours to remind you or pop a little message on the bathroom mirror or fridge door. These days if you have a smart watch, they have a feature to detect when it’s been a while since you’ve been up and moving! It might seem that they remind you annoyingly frequently… but it’s easy to lose track of a lot of time when you’re a new parent! We’ve included a few quick stretches below that can really help.

neck and shoulder stretches
Stretches from

2. Use the other arm

Becoming a little more ambidextrous can really help with the repetitive strain injuries. You may not have even noticed that you carry the capsule or shopping predominately in one arm or even balance bub on one hip in particular. Switching sides can feel weird at first, but will definitely help out your body in the long run.

3. Check your pram posture

You might not have realized, but there are a number of ways you can adjust your pram to be more ergonomic! This includes adjusting the height of your handle to improve comfort in your wrists and shoulders when pushing. But there are also a number of ways you can improve your own posture while walking around with bub. Ensuring that your hips are rolled forward to create a neutral spine can help with abdominal strength and also shoulder alignment. Making sure those shoulders are also rolled back and down and your pelvic floor is switched on too. This is also a good time to sneak in some of those stretches! Pop a reminder on your pram!

posture when pram pushing

4. Ergonomic Pillows

I did not realize myself just how difficult it would be to maintain good posture while breastfeeding. My physio once told me that you could try to do everything correctly, but you will still have to compromise your posture a little. That’s no reason though not to improve everything you can in the meantime! It’s important to make sure bub is elevated up to the breast, instead of lowering your chest down to them to feed. A boomerang shaped pillow is perfect for propping bub up and keeping them in close to feed. There are many pillows designed specifically for this purpose, but a regular boomerang pillow from your local department store does the trick just as well!

The Boppy nursing pillow
The Boppy Pillow

5. Seek relief for your new parent aches!

We all know how hard it is to get away from bub and the “mum guilt” that comes with taking the time to get a massage, but it is SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! You need to look after yourself in order to look after them! Taking the time now to get to a physio, remedial massage or acupuncture will save you from a chronic injury and a lengthy recovery time. Cast that guilt aside and remember that when you are in your best self, you are the best for them!

womens physio stretches